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Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city known for its summer season; however, it is wrong to think that it's vibrant only during the high summer season. We at CEC highly recommend visiting in the pre-season and post-season months. Your experience will be much more enchanting and private and, in the end, monumental. The whole atmosphere of the town is serene and reflective.

Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s heart– the Old Town has celebrated it’s four decades long UNESCO World Heritage preservation in 2019 year. The massive stone walls surrounding the city, authenticity, value, tradition, the whole identity oblige every visitor and towns inhabitants to keep its unique worth. 

One of the most visited events during pre-season is Festivity of Saint Blaise in February. St. Blaise is a patron saint of the city, protector. Legend that surrounds Dubrovnik’s protector dates back to 972 when Venetian ships anchored near Lokrum island with the intention of attracting the town. Under false pretenses the Venetians got their permission to refill their supplies and stay overnight. St Blaise appeared at the altar of the St. Stephen’s church to the priest called Stojko who in the middle of the night felt a strange call to the church. Once the apparition of gray old man in bishop’s attire explained what is about to happen and asked the priest Stojko to alert the city fathers, he immediately passed the message. The next morning the gates to the town were closed and the army stood to defend the walls. Realizing the surprise factor will not work anymore, the angry Venetians turned back home. From that day on the tradition of worshiping Saint Blaise started and is very much alive throughout all these years. The procession is a special ritual of blessing of the throat, parish flags and reliquaries carried through the streets of the Old Town, traditional folk costumes and religious songs sung by the participants.

Eternally lively city of Dubrovnik


2019 is also proclaimed to be the Year of Orlando as commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the erection of the knight serving under Charles the Great. The statue can be found in the middle of central square in front of the St. Blaise Church. Libertas flag is raised on top of the statue as a public announcement that actors of Dubrovnik Summer Festival are in town. Orlando is very important part of the town’s history for much more reasons that we’ll reveal in an exclusive blog post. This year’s opening of the Summer Festival was a jubilee one as it was 70th edition of the festival AND 600th anniversary of the completion of Orlando.

October is a significant month for Dubrovnik as well – post-season. Good Food festival organized by Dubrovnik Tourist Board is held every year at the beginning of the month. For a week you get to try delicious food from variety of restaurants inside the city walls and in other different parts of the town, for a much cheaper price with menu’s already set. On the last day of the festival stroll down Stradun street to enjoy the biggest food table with such diversity from sweet to savory for a bargain.


The choice of the particular moment to enjoy this energetic and active town depends solely on you. We gave you just a glimpse of what awaits you off high summer season. Ending this post with commentary box below to hear your impressions.

 With love, 

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5 facts Croatia is known for

Hi peeps! We know you’ve been waiting for our next topic and here it is, 5 most famous (among Croatians) and little known in the world – facts on Croatian popularity. We’ll not make this intro a long one, so let’s get started as we know you’re all keen to know;

5. 1246 islands, isles and islets
Yap, Croatia is the best sailing destination, from the smallest once, sunniest once, to the biggest once with National Parks and lakes within.. Grab the rudder and set sail!

4. Necktie
Want to be professional or just love wearing neckties as it makes you more desirable or you fancy that? We’ll give you on a little ‘public secret’ .. you have the option of putting on a necktie because Croats invented it!

What is Croatia known for?

3. We’re in love with food too, what are your feelings on truffles?
Come to Croatia and then visit the peninsula Istra in the western part of Croatia. You can go truffle hunting and find the biggest one. Why? Because Croatia is home of the world’s biggest truffle!

2. Roman Gladiator games
Yap, we had fingers in that one too. As a matter of fact in Istra peninsula, Pula town to be exact there are still ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre, which is one of the 3 preserved in the world.

What is Croatia known for?

1. Sunset lovers, quickly buy the ticket and visit Croatia, Zadar town
Mr. Alfred Hitchcock quoted that Zadar has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset (wait for it) … IN THE WORLD! Yes, you’ve read it correctly – in the world. Now, we won’t brag that much, however once sitting at the coast of Zadar, you can listen to the Sea Organ, the Adriatic plays its own music for anyone willing to listen while overlooking at the most mesmerizing sunsets.

What is Croatia known for?

We’ve selected only 5 of the best! Now it’s up to you to let us know if there is a desire to learn more about some of the everyday items you use and don’t even know they came from the Croatian inventers. Or even some of the other facts about summer in Croatia, beaches, sea, vacation in general.

With love,
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How to plan a trip to Croatia?

Autumn days are so refreshing after the summer heats and surely the best time to start planning your next trip. Admit it, you’re just like us – travel addicts! So, we thought why not explain to all of you how to plan a trip to Croatia.

Visit in the off season. May, June, September and October are the best months for visiting Croatia, sun is warm, depending on the year usually sea is warm enough to swim, you’ll avoid the crows of high season and get to explore Croatia in its fullest. Get yourself a private driver. Croatia is no longer a budget destination, prices for private transfers around the country and surroundings are not that high and you get a local driver that speaks English and will be able to show you and explain to you where you’re driving through. It’s always better to travel with a local, wouldn’t you agree?

How to plan a trip to Croatia?

How to plan a trip to Croatia?You’ll never have enough time. If picket correctly the towns, activities, national parks, etc. will never be fully experienced and that’s something you’re already agreeing on when deciding to visit more than one spot in Croatia. So getting that fact already out of the way, it will be quite easy to let us know your preferences while on travel adventure so that locals (us :D) can give you the best tips and advices on what to see, where to go, what to do.

Do not skip continental Croatia! Most of you will automatically decide on traveling to Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and other coastal towns of our beautiful country. BUT, try not skipping our capital city of Zagreb, with its rich history, delicious restaurant choices and amazing activities in the town and its surroundings will be more than worth it. Learn some simple phrases. You know what we mean, words like good day (dobar dan), good evening (dobar večer), thank you (hvala), goodbye (doviđenja), and so on.. You’ll definitely see the locals appreciate your enrolment to learn! Try local! We tend to travel a lot, however where ever we decide to visit, we love trying out local food, drinks. We encourage you to try Mediterranean food, special delicates every part of Croatia cook, we’re sure you’ll want to take the knowledge of preparing the food you’ve tried back home!

We listed just some of the reasons and ways to plan a trip to Croatia, let us know if we can help more! You see that orange pop-up in the down right corner of your screen? Yes? Well, that’s for your next trip and question to us!

With love,
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5 Croatian money related answers

We've had so many questions regarding the currency, tipping, expensiveness and cost of trip to Croatia in general. Here we'll give you 5 most common questions about the topic and our answers. Keep in mind we are born and raised in Croatia, but have travelled the world so the comparisons are real and based upon our experience. Let's get started then;

5. Currency exchange to Kuna
We'll not talk a lot about this topic as we already covered it in our popular blog post; ''Answers about Croatia and Dubrovnik'' so go ahead click on the link and find out more. Generally in all Croatia you can use your credit cards, but it's always good to have paper money with you as well. Kuna is the currency used in Croatia however you can find prices often quoted in euros and euros are widely accepted, however using only euros will leave you short-changed.

5 Croatia money related answers

4. Expensiveness
Our little country is a bit more expensive than some of our neighbours, but remember you are coming only to visit, so no – you'll not get bankrupted. With a budget of 50€-60€ per day you can easily enjoy Croatia with not much worries. For more luxurious ways of traveling you would need around 100-150€ per day, but that depends on taking day trips and enjoying numerous different experiences.

3. Cost of living
If by any chance you are staying for a longer period of time, we've got you covered regarding the budget situation. Expensiveness of living in Croatia varies between the place of living, in general the average price for meal in an average restaurant is around 40-70 kn (6-9€), coca cola costs from 13-16 kn (1.5-2€). Market prices for regular necessities like milk are between 5-7 kn (0,6-0,9€), pack of cigarettes Marlboro for example is from 28-32 kn (3,7-4€).

2. Tipping in Croatia
We're pretty standard about this, it is expected of you to leave a 10% in the restaurant even if there is a fee already included, which in most restaurants is not. Most common practice is to leave a bit more if you are satisfied with the service, but note that in most restaurants and coffee bars the tip is not included in the price. Just read the bill you got, it's almost always written on it. Other than restaurants and bars these are the local tipping advices; hotel staff – 15-20 kn, tours guides – 15-20 kn, taxi driver – round up the fare. But if you consider the service you got more than what you've expected, do leave a bit more on the tip, the other part will be grateful.

1. Croatian ATM's
Commonly accepted cash cards are; Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro. ATMs are strategically placed at all major airports and train stations in Croatia and very near to the ferries and buses points. ATM use for foreign travel has gotten expensive because the banks and credit card companies cash in on your withdraw, for extra safety just bring two functioning cards with you, in case one isn't accepted.

5 Croatia money related answers

Hope we've answered some of your questions. If by any chance you have more you would like us to answer for you, feel free to leave your desired topic in the comments!

With love,
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How many days is enough for vacation in Croatia?

This common question is one that is hardest to answer, it depends on many factors. Minimum of 10 days is what we suggest. Now, let us explain why and what are you able to do and see in 10 days and what will you be missing out on. The question itself is one you always ask when thinking about vacation in another country. It all depends on how many days you have to spend in Croatia, how much time you will lose on getting to Croatia, what are your preferences on experiences, what time of year you are thinking on traveling and so much more. The most important once we’ve covered, so to answer best we recommend follow the bullet points;

Zagreb city and surroundings
Capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is a vibrant town filled with history, culture, delicious food spots, exciting nightlife, iconic squares, green parks, gothic churches and best shopping in the country. Close to Zagreb must visit sites are; Trakošćan castle, highest peak of Mount Medvednica – Sljeme, charming town Samobor, Varaždin city.

How many days is enough for vacation in Croatia?
Plitvice lakes region
Plitvice lakes are UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts tourists for decades now. It is one of the most popular attractions and one we highly recommend visiting no matter what time of year. Besides visiting these astonishing lakes and waterfalls, Plitvice surroundings offers so much more; rustic village Rastoke, small town of Otočac that was built on the natural island on the river Gacka, Lika museum and Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre at town of Gospić, Velebit mountain.
Istra region
We don't even know where to start but we'll try to sum it up at the best towns and spots. Istra is a heart shaped peninsula in Croatia very close to Venice, with so much influence from Italy. Town of Rovinj is the one where you can see the Venetian architecture, eat some delicious seafood dishes, go on a truffle hunt in the woods experience, climb the bell tower – those are just small notes on what this city can offer. And if you are there already, we highly recommend visiting; drive a Vipe Jet (small plane) in Vrsar town, paraglide in Motovun, explore cave near Poreč town, step in arena in Pula town, visit the smallest city in the world Hum.
Zadar region
The smallest cathedral in the world is located in Zadar town, among incredible world famous Sea Organ where you can enjoy the music of the sea, get tipsy with liqueurs made on the recipe of the Dominicans from the 16th century and go greet the sun at the monument made just for that. Surroundings that are a must; Šibenik town, sandy lagoon in Nin town, rocky island Pag, green island Ugljan, Krka waterfalls..

How many days is enough for vacation in Croatia?
Split to Dubrovnik
There is so much to cover in one title. That's why Diocletian’s town Split is together with the pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik. From one to the other, there is Neretva River to visit and take a pirate cruise to sunken town, Pelješac peninsula which is a topic for itself, Makarska a small town with mesmerizing beaches and amazing night life. The islands; Mljet, Korčula, Vis, Hvar, Brač.. Just to mention few most popular. The topic of must visit spots from Split to Dubrovnik we'll cover in more detail in the next blog, so keep following!

Please do understand that we've barely managed to sum up the most attractive spots to visit in Croatia, however there is so much incredible things to do, sites to visit and adventures to experience. So guys if you wish to know more, let us know in the comments!

With love,
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5 reasons for September visit!

It’s Monday, and almost the end of working hours for some! Now, what we wanted to do with this blog is to meet you with September in Croatia, Dubrovnik to be exact. Croatia has many different climates depending on where in the country you are located. September can be very tricky month, as in the south Adriatic coast towns the weather will be very warm and hot and summerish still and in the north will be a bit colder weather. So, yes, fall comes in the north while the summer is still in full mood in the south – even more reason to visit Dubrovnik in ‘off – season’.

5. Less crowds!
Explore Dubrovnik Old Town and indulge into different activities as the heat of season has passed. Cruise ships are arriving almost every day, but Wednesday and Sunday, however most of the tourist when decide on taking the trip to Dubrovnik, opt for high season. So let yourself go wild exploring all the small streets in the Old Town, city walls, all of the different gems we invite you to find!

4. Still summer!
Yes! As told prior, this is the month where in Dubrovnik the temperatures are still pretty high, up to 30 degrees. Summer mood is still felt all over the town, so opt for a boat day, explore the Elafiti islands, hop on to Mljet to visit National Park, or decide on going to Lokrum island to mingle with peacocks and bunnies while swimming in the Dead sea. Just a few ideas, but keep in mind the sea is still warm and swimming is mandatory ;)

Parasailing Dubrovnik

3. Montenegro day trip!
If you are keen to visit Montenegro while on your vacation in Dubrovnik this is the perfect month to do so. The crowds at the border are small up to none, especially if you decide to go on the days we highly recommend. In each town you visit, and each experience you decide on taking on, you will be able to relax and take your time to fully enjoy every moment. September is the best!


2. Hang out with the locals!
When September comes, locals tend to enjoy the summer time finally. Somehow jobs get a bit easier, working gets a bit easier, everything gets more relaxed and locals tend to hang out more. So have a seat in one of coffee bars, pubs, cocktail bars inside the Old Town grab your drink, or two.. and start a conversation! Why not mingle a bit, you might learn so much more about Dubrovnik local spots and locals in general ;)

1. Cavtat festival!
Truly called Epidaurus festival, means all sort of unique cultural programs in the small town just 20 minutes’ drive from Dubrovnik. From folklore dance, music stages and performances, theatre shows, artistic programs for children and adult and so much more. The whole festival lasts from 10th of September up until 22th so you still have time to wonder Cavtat streets and explore your artistic side on the festival.

With love,
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mountain view

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RAIN while on your vacation

Hope you're having a great Monday morning folks! September in Dubrovnik is such a twisty month, mostly sunny and summerish, however there can be days when rain and cold wind gives you a feeling of fall. No need to panic nor think that the summer days are over, as the days are very unpredictable. Even if it's raining in the morning, in the afternoon the sun will come out again and the heat will be just enough to go swimming. It's very odd but the best month to travel to Dubrovnik!

rectors palace

Rain in Dubrovnik area in September means; heavy rain for about an hour or two tops, and that's it. So while it's raining feel free to walk the old town’s museums, churches, monasteries, treasuries, palaces, etc. Once the stone gets wet you'll see the true colours of the town and get that vibe of walking among the centuries.

If you have already booked any of the adventurous outdoors experiences Dubrovnik has to offer, not to worry. We will let you know if it’s safe enough to do it despite the rain, but if it is don’t get scared as that can become even better experience than you anticipated.

For example, we had Dawn & Mark, our dear guests from UK going on kayaking experience in the morning and it started to rain. Our guides instructed that it will be fine and the adventurous soul within them took the challenge although lots of other cancelled their trip. Once they were done after 3 hours of the whole experience, this is what they quoted; ‘’ it was one of the best things we decided to do! It was raining while the sun was shining, just amazing! We got wet, and just jumped into the sea near Lokrum island, swimming in the warm Adriatic and it’s still raining was one of the best feelings. Betina cave was also great, we even jumped from the rocky cliff, Dawn did it too! Once we came back to Pile bay the sun was shining and it was so hot we dried off in minutes.’’dubrovnik

Once the sun comes up and everything gets dried off, watch your step as the stone streets can be very slippery if not in proper shoes. Also then you get to walk the city walls and watch how the grey clouds get away from the town and the sunshine fills the narrow streets of the Old Town.

Now that’s just a couple of suggestions on what to do when it’s raining in Dubrovnik. In the next blog we’ll give you 5 suggestions on one day trip getaways if there is rain in the forecast for couple of full days in Dubrovnik.

P.S. Lots of you asked about the clothes to bring when coming to Croatia in September, here you go;

Zagreb and north of Croatia will be a bit colder, however I would advise just one spring/fall jacket. Along the coastline the temperatures goes higher, however we're anticipating rain in the middle of September. So my advice would be to travel from the south to the north to catch only the best weather while on your vacation.

With love,
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Good morning everyone!
On this beautiful hot summer morning we decided to share with you why Dubrovnik, Croatia is your next best vacation destination! 
Without further ado let’s start;

5. Mountain and seamountain bike
We have it all! On one side you can spend your morning jogging to the Peak of Srđ Mountain and enjoy the most mesmerizing views, on the other side you can spend your afternoon in crystal clear Adriatic Sea. For the finish of the day, walk among the old towns narrow streets and blend in with the locals.

sailboat 4. Islands
If you start thinking about vacationing in Croatia and start getting to know the country, almost everywhere you will read that Croatia has more than 1000 islands. Why are they so special? Each and every island is unique, not only by its size and shape but by the locals that live on it, by their traditions, by island history and the vegetation.

3. Valley and peninsula
Yes, as small as Dubrovnik is, we have it all, by all we mean – mountains, sea, islands, but also peninsulas, valleys.. Just visit Konavle valley, you will get to meet such a different culture, homemade products and dishes, vineyards, stone houses, rural lifestyle and all that just 30 minutes away from the centre. About an hour from the centre on the other side (driving towards Split), you will get to meet Pelješac peninsula and its vineyards, wine cellars, oyster farms, fisherman’s towns, secluded bays and different kind of rural life.

2. History
''We are not makers of history. We are made by history.'' – Martin Luther King Jr.dubrovnik old town
Old Town of course! But don't get fooled, as mentioned in past 3 numbers, Dubrovnik is not only determined by the Old Town and the secrets it holds within its walls. We'll not talk much about this point, just scroll down any of our history tours and read a little bit. Let us know which one got you interested the most!


1. Sun, sand and sea!
Beach, beach and beach some more! From beach parties, afternoon chills, cocktail nights, to just soaking up the sun and snorkelling in the clear Adriatic. There is something for everyone, no meter the age, nor the preferences. Whatever pops into your mind that day, there is a beach suited for you. Now, if you are having any troubles finding it, doesn't matter if it's on island, on peninsula, or secluded approachable only by the sea – let us know, we'll tell you how to get to the point of interest and help you achieving it!


We've just put out top 5, however you truly do not know what one town and its surroundings can offer until you opt for Dubrovnik vacation and buy that ticket.
Apart from that – just DM us and we'll take it from there!

With love,
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Escaping the heats

Happy Saturday all you happy peeps that are on vacations now! Especially the once that are in Croatia and having a blast! In this blog post we'll help you with dealing with the heats August brings... We'll give you two best solutions to escape the crowds and hot sun, then it's up to you to let us know which one suits you the best then we'll talk in details about each one!

Escape to the woods!konavle valley
Wait, wait.. we know the first thing that popped up in your mind is why am I in Dubrovnik, Croatia and escaping the heats in the nature? Right? Well, let us explain. Some days it's colder in the valley of Konavle, and on the hills Konavle mountains provide than in any beach. The breeze while driving a jeep through the higher pits of Konavle, the breeze of river Ljuta while having a lunch just above the river level, the breeze while jumping on the rope from one tree to the other, the breeze of hovering above the ground while driving E-scooter... those are the breezes you'll get 'in the woods' + the adrenaline pump depending on the adventure you take.

cliff jumping



Escape to the open sea!
Second option is to take a boat day out to the open sea. Depending on where you decide to sail to, the sail itself will be refreshing, jump into the sea on the first corner near Daksa Island and then lay back on board enjoying the wind on your skin. Our experienced captains will take you to the secluded bays, beautiful beaches approachable only from the sea, rocky cliff sides to jump from, small fisherman villages where you will be able to taste local food.. Whichever destination you opt for this one day trip, you'll get back to your accommodation with so many amazing memories, GoPro photos and in desire for more!


Now, all that's left is for you to let us know which out of these two is your preferred escape from the August heats..
Leave a comment and we'll get right into the details of your next experience.


With love,
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5 games you do not want to miss!

Happy Monday everyone!
We know it's the least favourite day of the week, but once you are on vacation it's a bit different isn't it? In this blog post we will let you know some more ways to become a local while in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This time, you need to participate! Ok, now all you lazy folks out there who just wanted to close this blog out as soon as read 'participate', KEEP READING! No, there will be no physical work required, just your voice. And no, if you do not want to participate with your voice, you don't need to and can still be there. So with no further ado, as now you have instructions but want to know what it is...

Its water polo games! Croatia and Dubrovnik to be more specific is famous for its water polo team and the victory trophies our players bring home!
Now, during the summer time, we locals like to create our own fun time, just like in the previous post with drinks, food and music. Porporela Old Town
We like to have a sports spirit as well. Here we’ll list 5 places where you can walk by yourself, with no entrance tickets, nor will anybody look at you weird for being there, no need to pay anything at all. The things to bring with you; swimsuit, beach towel, bottle of water (or something better if you like), sun cream and sun glasses. Yap, just like regular day going to the beach. The games are held at the local beaches! Now about those voices we mentioned before.. Participation in these events is only with cheerleading! So once you get to pick what team you like the best, (that means you would have to go to more than one game!), start rooting! Also this is such a unique way of finding out and visiting beaches along Dubrovnik coastline. Every game is held at another place. So let’s start for the first 5 games;

1st qualifying round will be held at Plat! Here you go, the first beach and most of you never heard of it. Well, that's because it's not in Dubrovnik but a 20minute car ride away towards the airport. There are bus lines as well, and the easiest way – letting us know you need a ride ;) The first game starts at 16:20 pm, and there will be 4 in total the first day. On Wednesday, the 24th of July, so start making plans!
plat beach
2nd qualifying round will be held at the same beach, on Friday, the 26th. Plus, guys, you are going to the beach, so feel free to swim and explore the surroundings prior to the games!
27th Saturday – Mlini beach! You see – you’re getting to know Dubrovnik’s surroundings better with every game. There are so many beautiful beaches along our coastline you wouldn’t even know exist if not for your cheerleading participation ;)

mlini beach
Monday, 29th – second 'A' Qualifying Round. Here it will get heated and if you've made it to this round, you're already hooked and will want to participate in all the rest!
3rd qualifying round – Wednesday 31th of July.. and now we're already getting to August, so the everything's getting hotter! These are the 5 first, most important games for you to get to know the players, their teams, and also the villages near Dubrovnik. For the rest of the game schedule – ask us directly – participate!

And guys, you know what that box down below is used for? COMMENT SECTION! Don’t be lazy, let us know your thoughts and subjects you want to know more about!

With love,
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P.S. Just for the fun of it - have a look at how kids have fun within Old Town walls - look down!

Old Town Dubrovnik

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