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5 reasons why Croatia is safest to travel to

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We hope everybody is having a good day and are taking care of each other!
Today's blog is as straightforward as it can be. We'll talk about why Croatia is one of the first European countries that stepped out of Corona virus cycles. From the beginning of this global pandemic our government made some good and some bad decisions as all do. What we did good is put in quarantine measures prior to corona virus arriving to Croatia.
We’ll not talk a lot about it as we believe we’re all tired of reading and listening to the same stories for months now. What we will state is that we’ve never had over 2500 infected at the same time. Mostly in the continental parts of Croatia as people have been traveling for work across the border. Now, let’s talk about why south of Croatia - Dubrovnik, did not have over 120 people infected. You have probably read already on multiple sites that several things help preventing this disease to spread and we have them all, so let’s start;

5 reasons why Croatia is safest to travel to5. Humidity
Croatia in general has some very humid months, with other tolerably humid months. The least humid month is July with 51% relative humidity, and the most humid month is November with percentage around 70.7%. For Dubrovnik specifically, on average month of May is the most humid. August is the least humid month and the average annual percentage of humidity is: 64.0%. Why are we talking about humidity? Because it is stated globally by several health organizations that: ‘’ At a constant temperature and relative humidity of 50%, less than 1% of the viruses survived after 2 days.’’.

4. Temperature
The temperature can also have a strong influence on the activity and spread of viruses, not only corona virus but viruses in general. For example, other viruses that cause respiratory infections often occur in the winter months - logic. There are indications that this is due to a reduced resistance of the mucous membranes in the nose when cold air is inhaled. Now, in Dubrovnik and in most of south parts of Croatia, you can find that there is more than 60% sunny and warm days during a period of a whole year.

3. Sunlight
This one’s not proven, it has been stated by several newspaper companies, but never certified as truth by any scientist. The reason we’re mentioning it, is solely because being in the sun and on the fresh air is something a lot of different scientists have mentioned over the past few decades as the most important thing for well-being of a human body and mind. You know it too, now more than ever. Especially if you’ve been quarantined for a while and imagine your self-laying at the beach, enjoying every sun ray that hits your body.

5 reasons why Croatia is safest to travel to

2. Mediterranean climate
One of the great perks of living in Croatia coastline is the healing qualities of Mediterranean climate. Everyone can feel its beneficial effects of its natural aromatherapy just by walking along the paths planted with medicinal herbs such as rosemary and lavender. Having a seat beneath the cypress tree while breathing in the soothing clean air and mild climate is why many people visit Croatia as a nature treatment center for their mind and their body.

1. Adriatic Sea
We know we’ve talked a lot about our beautiful crystal-clear sea so far. But this is truly one of our greatest nature assets we as locals are blessed to have. Being near the sea is relaxing, the sounds of waves actually alters brain patterns which puts you into a deeply relaxed state of mind. And that is a proven fact. Being by the sea is good for the health of your skin too; salt in the sea is a great healer plus the water hydrates the skin cells. The salty air from the sea is a thing you can never replace, it opens your pores, your respiratory airways and it smells so good.

5 reasons why Croatia is safest to travel to

Just to be clear, this blog post is written after a long research has been done. We are not scientists our self’s, however stop for a moment and think about it all. Think about the last time you were at the place that had all 5 factors, sun, sea, fresh air, a bit of humidity in the air, high temperatures... think about how you felt and how you’re feeling right now just reminiscing about the spot. That’s why we wanted to share this with you. Now... who’s ready to take the next step and scroll around our web page to search for their next ‘reason why’ you need to visit Croatia?

With love,
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