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5 Green nature day trips

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It’s Tuesday already! The time flies fast when you’re having fun. Although it’s a cliché sentence, it is so true, you’ve experienced it many times now I am sure of. And why are we so surprised? Because we went on a nature day exploring during the long weekend we took.
We wanted to show you what you can do in Dubrovnik surroundings without actually being in the Old Town or at/by the sea. One of many reasons why Dubrovnik is an off the main season travel destination as we love to point out. So, let’s start by getting to know what environmental travel means. It means different things depending on who you speak to. Anything from sustainable travel to natural habitat vacations, volunteering, green travels, etc... You get the point. Why we love it so much? Because it’s all eco- friendly and we’re all for different and unique, so if we can protect the nature while having a blast – YES! That’s what we’re going to do.

5 Green nature day trips5. Along the coastline of Dubrovnik
One of our favorite day trip experiences where you get on eco-friendly little portable scooter and cruise around the town. It’s all you need to explore really everything. Click om the title and see how it actually looks like.

4. Spend a day on Cetina river
The title explains it all, if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing – do click on it. So, by getting into the raft and having an explorer day in the river through the forests and wildlife you get to know the true nature wanders Croatia holds.

3. Cycling wine tasting Konavle
I this we should’ve mentioned that in most of these you’ll be the one needing to do some ‘exercise’ along the way :P For this one, we truly believe you won’t mind, as on each stop, you get to drink a little bit.

2. Day of tradition in Čilipi village
If you haven’t yet, go visit our Instagram page or LinkedIn page to see what this folklore dance really looks like. It’s an amazing part of Dubrovnik tradition people around the world pay a lot of money to witness. We’ll take you on a different type of trip while you save money and enjoy the village nature.

1. Move your body with Zumba sound
Now… if you haven’t heard of this type of dance yet, you’ve been living under a rock. This is the most thrilling thing you’ll get to do in an hour on your vacation. Plus, you get to hang out with locals, absorb the energy and dance!

In all the headlines you can click and find out more about the experiences. Btw all these 5 trips you can do in 3 and half – 4 days all together. So… yap, you still have enough time to go stroll around the Old Town streets and unwind in the nature Dubrovnik surroundings offer.

Hope you have a great week! Until next blog post…
P.S. Don’t let us always repeat the same thing in different ways…. Let us know if there is anything you wish to know about, we’ve covered several ‘wanted’ topics so far, so there is no reason to be shy.

With love,
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