Be yoga ready in Dubrovnik

Let's yoga Let's yoga

Throw your hair in a bun, downward dog like a boss, and handle it.

On every vacation you take there is even a lot of exploring, sightseeing and adventures or a lot of relaxation by the sea with a good book, cocktail and plenty of food. What every vacation need is time to reconnect to your soul & body. Even if you're not into yoga, or have never done it before, just think about doing it for the first time at the beach of the Adriatic Sea coast. Inhaling that fresh salt Mediterranean air, listening to the waves hitting the shore all while the sun slowly shines over your body.
Doesn't that sound perfect? 

In other words, prepare your body and mind for ultimate relaxation or for a thrilling adventure. This yoga class is with a private instructor, always near the beach with the exception of location and timing.
You get to choose whether you wish to do it earlier in the morning or in the sunset hours. With picking your desirable time, the instructor will let you know the place too, sometimes it can be near the Old Town while you enjoy the view and sometimes on the remoted beaches where the only thing that surrounds you expect the blue Adriatic Sea is the woods.

The time to make your soul happy!

Let's yoga

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