Adrenaline pump in the Adriatic sea

Adrenalin pump in the air & in the sea Adrenalin pump in the air & in the sea

It is vacation summer time and you are on the Adriatic sea.. do you really need more reasons?

Hi you clicker for adrenaline! You obviously want fun sea activities, maybe not sure about the big adrenaline rush, but not to worry - there is something for everybody.
It's up to you to choose between a variety of different experiences; 

Each and every water sport activity is carefully watched and supervised by the instructors. They will fist show you everything you need to know, teach you a bit more about sport itself and show you the best ways to truly reach your potential while adrenaline is pumping in your blood!

All of the activities are fairly straightforward, if by any chance you are not sure what something stands for, click on the activity in question and have a look on our Instagram page.

Adrenaline pump in the Adriatic sea

Adrenaline pump in the Adriatic sea

Diving on the other hand is one experience we want to say a bit more about. Those of you who do have licenses and know mostly everything about diving will be amazed by the places we will take you to.

There is no need to sail far so you will have more time under the water to explore the most of the Adriatic Sea life.
If by any chance you decided this is the trip where you will dive for the first time in your life, we're all set to give you the best diving experience.

Dare to actually try it out, learn something new, have one more experience crossed of your list and most of all relax and have fun!


Q: How long have you been waiting for a perfect moment to experience any of the mentioned activities?
A: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Adrenaline pump in the Adriatic sea

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